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We are sorry to see you leave - Beta is different and we value the time you took to try it out. Before you decide to go, please take a look at some value-adds for Beta and learn more about it. Thank you for reading Slashdot, and for making the site better!

About Slashdot

Slashdot (/.) is a news website that features technology-centric news and discussions (our motto is "News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters"). Since 1997, Slashdot has been presenting interesting news from the technology continuum, with an eclectic mix of reader-submitted stories, crowd-sourced interviews, and original stories and reviews. On any given day, you're likely to find posts on our front page about cloud computing, data centers, mobile, hardware hacking and open source software — among many other topics — and most importantly, hundreds or thousands of reader comments that put those posts in context.

Who does this?

Slashdot was created in 1997 by Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda. Today it's owned by Dice Holdings, Inc. Slashdot is run primarily by a handful of editors and coders:

The code is wrangled and taunted by:
• Kaushik Acharya
• David Hand
• Tim Vroom
• Chris Inman
• Wes Tapp
The editors, as of February 2013, are:
• Jeff "Soulskill" Boehm
• Timothy Lord
• Rob "Samzenpus" Rozeboom.
• Nick Kolakowski
Guest Editor:
• Clinton "unknown lamer" Ebadi

What does the name "Slashdot" mean?

"Slashdot" is an intentionally obnoxious URL. When Rob registered the domain http://slashdot.org, he wanted a URL that was confusing when read aloud. (Try it!)


Editorial—Story Submissions, etc.

How do I submit a story? What about corrections or updates?

To submit stories, corrections, or updates, please use the submissions form. (Submit corrections or updates just as if you were submitting any other news item, by using the web submission form. Please include a link to the story you're updating or correcting, and explain what the trouble is.)

How do I Ask Slashdot?

To submit a question for consideration in the Ask Slashdot section, Please use the same submissions form; just make clear that you're asking a question. (A good way is to title your submission starting with "Ask Slashdot." which makes it easy to spot. )

Why did you change my submission?

We often edit submissions for reasons of spelling, grammar, or clarity, or to format them for visual consistency. We're happy when a story submission comes in with no changes needed, but most stories get at least a tweak or two. Sometimes we'll shorten a submission to emphasize its key points or points, remove links not relevant or central to the story posted, swap anchor text to make links easier to read, or substitute a better link for one that may be broken, expired or paywalled (or not the best link for some other reason). When two submissions offer different sources, we may combine them into a single story. Sometimes, too, we may fold links to relevant previous Slashdot stories into the text, or add these links separately. Though we do so in good faith, we apologize in advance and strive to correct any errors that this tweaking introduces.

Could you explain why my submission was declined?

This is harder than it sounds. We try to select the most interesting, timely, and relevant submissions, but can only run a fraction of those submitted; there are probably as many reasons for stories to get declined as there are stories.

Can I submit a story anonymously?

Yes — and you're welcome to. Slashdot doesn't require you to log in to take part either as a reader or submitter. If you log in, though, the editors can follow up with questions if for some reason we'd otherwise like to run your story but some crucial word or link is missing. And all other things being equal, we'd probably select a submission from a logged-in user over an essentially identical one submitted anonymously. So logging is isn't mandatory, but it's helpful.

Where do I submit press releases?

We'd rather you didn't submit press releases—at least not ones that sound like press releases! But if you're going to submit one, please use the submission form.

Can I email a story submission?

In short, No. If you email one of the editors directly, the others won't see your submission. (And your mail might hit someone who's on vacation, sleeping, or has a downed network connection.) Assume that any emailed story submission is likely to go unread; please use the submission form instead.

I submitted a similar submission before the one you actually ran; Why?

Several factors determine which submissions get posted, and when: the quality of the submission itself, the time of day, the quality and variety of included links — and sometimes, we just mess up. The nature of Slashdot means that we often must choose from among several overlapping submissions, and we appreciate every one of them.

I want to write a book review. What should I do?

If you scan previous Slashdot book reviews, you'll see that we include certain information about each book (publisher, length, etc.); please include that information, as plain text, and simply put the text of your review into a submission. Note that most reviews we select run are 1000-2000 words long; if yours is much shorter than that, consider expanding it. (And please begin your submission title with "Book Review," so we can spot it easily.)



Why should I log in?

Logging in lets you save preferences, and gives you access to features that anonymous readers don't have, including a journal, the Friends & Foes system, and comment moderation. Logged-in users' comments start at score 1 rather than 0, too.

Can I change my nickname?

Sorry, but No. It's just too prone to abuse. Besides, it's how others on the site know you.

What are user profile pages? Do I have one automatically?

Every logged in user has a profile page; this shows your posting history as well as some other information, such as any contact information you've elected to share. This page lets you look at each user's comments, submissions, journal entries, link to other reader designated as friends, etc. You can reach your own profile page by selecting your profile page (from the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page) to check on responses to comments you've made, or to see they've been moderated up.

How can I delete my account?

You can't. But don't sweat it; the unused accounts don't hurt anything. (Except your reputation, if you've used the account to spam or otherwise abuse the system. So don't do that.)

I'm having trouble logging in.

Make sure you have cookies turned on, and that your computer's date and time are correct. If you've turned cookies on, and still have trouble, email passwords@slashdot.org for help. (You don't actually have to use cookies: You can still post — anonymously, or by entering your password for each comment — but you won't be able to use all of the site's advanced features.)

"You can't post to this page" — Why not?

This probably means you're reading from behind a web proxy that allows connections from any host. This functionality has been abused. Comments can't be posted from this address until the proxy is better secured. Please notify your Proxy Admin.

Do you ban people from Slashdot?

Occasionally we ban IPs from which we see abuse, or disallow accounts from specific actions (such as posting or submitting stories) in response to spam, persistent flamebait, etc

Why is my IP banned?

If your IP is banned, it's probably because one of these is true:
• Your IP has been used to perform a denial of service attack (or the accidental equivalent) against Slashdot.
• Your IP was used to post comments that break Slashdot's rendering.
• You're using a proxy server used by someone who did one of those things.

If you believe an IP has been unfairly banned, please email banned@slashdot.org, and specify the IP itself, your user ID, and any other pertinent information. (If you're connecting through a proxy server, you might need to have the admin contact us instead.)


Karma, Thresholds, Abuse, etc.

What is Karma?

On Slashdot, your karma is a variable that primarily represents how your comments have been moderated. Karma is used to determine who moderates and who doesn't. You can improve your karma by posting intelligent, funny, informative or comments generally impressive to your fellow readers. If a comment you post is moderated up, your karma will rise. Conversely, bad karma usually indicates a user account used to spam or otherwise lower the quality of the discussion. Factors besides moderation also affect karma. Having a story submission accepted raises your karma, too.

I see karma badges next to some readers' names; what does that mean?

A karma badge indicates that a particular reader has positive karma (the default karma badge means just that: "Positive"); that doesn't guarantee that every comment from that reader is great, but you can take it as a clue in evaluating comments. Get one for yourself by making comments that others find informative, insightful, or otherwise good. For users with a history of particularly good comments, there are also badges that indicate Good and Excellent karma.


Slashdot Interviews

How many questions can I ask?

Ask as many questions as you'd like! Just don't ask unrelated questions in the same comment; instead, ask separately, so they can be moderated separately. (More chances to win!)

I asked nearly the same question as one you selected to pass on; why?

Often several readers ask similar questions. If yours is the one Slashdot editors believe represents that "group" of questions best, it's the one that gets picked. We tend to pick questions that have meaningful subject lines, and we prefer questions that are short and pithy to long, wandering ones.

Hey, that eleventh question wasn't even highly moderated!

It's a human factor. Moderation helps us decide which questions to send along, but often there are interesting ones which haven't been modded up as much.



What kind of logging does Slashdot do?

We log the usual stuff (IP, page, time, user, page views, moderation, and comment posting, mainly), and a few other bits, too. The data is used mostly to make moderation possible.

Why do I see 'loading from fsdn.com' when I'm reading Slashdot?

That's our image server; if you block it, you'll miss all the graphic violence.

I use NoScript; what should I know?

Javascript-enabled or whitelisting slashdot.org is necessary for the fancier parts of the site to function. You'll need to white-list fsdn.com too; that's our CDN, and if you block it, many things may break.

If you feel that you're getting this message for a reason not listed above please drop us a line at beta-feedback@slashdot.org



Slashdot looks different than it did before; are there different ways to view the page? Can I see it in the old style?

Yes. First, know that you can select from three interfaces to the current layout of the Slashdot page, by clicking an icon toward the top of the page. Standard view; this is the default, and it's what you'll see if you visit beta.slashdot.org for the first time, or if you have not selected a different view. Classic view: This looks almost, but not quite, like the version of Slashdot you've seen for the past several years. Headlines only: For quick scanning, this is probably your best bet.

I want to stick with the Classic site (slashdot.org) for now. How do I go back?

If you'd rather view the Classic site for now, click on the “Slashdot Classic” link in the footer of the Beta site (beta.slashdot.org). Likewise, if you are on the Classic site and want to switch to Beta, click on the "Slashdot Beta" link in the footer of the Classic site. Both choices are persistent, and require you have cookies enabled.

What are the additional stories I see popping up sometimes, labeled "Community Pick"?

We can't always put all the stories we'd like on the Slashdot page, but in the interest giving you more reading options, we've put in place a mechanism to let some more stories rise to the top, if readers have given reason to think they're worthwhile. You'll see these marked as "Community Picks." Take part! You can read the stream of incoming submissions and nudge up the stories you find interesting.

Explain the "Most Discussed" filter

On Slashdot, the real action has always been in the comments. The Most Discussed filter takes you to those recent stories where the comments are heaviest, so you can join in (or at least graze the discussion).

An ad is breaking the page, or offending my sensibilities. What can I do?

We have rules intended to keep our advertisements sanely polite, but occasionally one slips by that breaks them. If you see a 500k banner, or one that is launching Java, say, or even an ad you just think is obnoxious, please complain to beta-feedback@slashdot.org. The editors don't select the ads, but we probably agree with your complaint, and can pass on to the advertising department.

Why did that comment disappear?

Most likely, a comment that "disappears" has just been moderated to a lower score. Actually deleting comments goes against the editors' preferences and the convention of the site, so is done only under duress. That said, the Slashdot editors are also readers; we have unlimited mod points, and have no problem using them to highlight good comments, or to moderate down abusive comments. Abusive comments make it less pleasant for people to read the site. If you're posting in good faith, this will probably never affect you. (And if you want to read all the comments, set your threshold to -1.)

I have found a bug on Slashdot; whom do I contact?

We hate bugs but love bug reports. If you spot a bug, or suspect one, please email beta-feedback@slashdot.org with as much relevant detail as you can. (When did you spot the bug? What browser, what version, under what OS? Did you get an error message, and if so what was it? The more detail, the better the odds we'll be able to fix it; screenshots are great, too.)

This document doesn't answer my question!

Like most FAQs, this one usually needs pruning and watering. If you have a burning question, please send it to beta-feedback@slashdot.org with "FAQ suggestion" in the subject line so we can consider including it.


Beta News

What is in Beta

Beta site already has the core functionality needed for you to perform the more common activities on the site like viewing stories, comments and login etc. Apart from that it has the following key enhancements:

• Cleaner, simpler homepage design with option to view stories in three different layouts (Standard, Classic and Headline View)
• Prominent profile pages that give you a snapshot of other community members, their engagement and contribution on Slashdot
• Easier browsing of popular topics straight from the main navigation.
• More community-promoted content in the All Stories view.

To learn more about key features in Beta please see Introduction to Beta. As you explore Beta please send us your feedback.

What is not in Beta yet

We are rapidly iterating over the Beta site though please bear in mind some features are not yet available or fully baked. For features not available you'll see a "Coming Soon" bubble if you hover your mouse over those areas of the site. Here are a few key areas we are still working on:

• Advanced Profile update
• Adding tags
• User interface for different features and pages is still in the works including responsive design i.e. how you see Beta site on mobile for example

Beta Releases

For a more detailed look at what is pushed out in every release - below is a list of changes made in Beta releases recently, listed in chronological order:

Release 04/07/2014
• White space reduced and increased information density on the site by making certain UI elements more compact
• Comment linking and ability to view a comment sub-thread
Release 02/04/2014
• Sign up
• Basic Profile Update
• Change Password
Release 01/30/2014
• Sign Up
• Filter On Comments
• Forgot Password
Release 11/21/2013
• Addition of a new Career vertical under Slashdot
• Login and profile improvements
• Moderation
• Clean up of Slashboxes
Release 11/07/2013
• Improved readability of story section on the main page
• Updates so that the site can now be viewed without a fixed width issue
• Karma badges now also show next to each submitter on the main page
• Improved footer layout
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